Sandra Stachowicz

“I’ve been interviewed as a guest expert countless times over the 7 years I’ve been in business and later on as a publisher, including by New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling authors and 9-figure entrepreneurs. Bloom exceeded all my expectations in every conceivable way. Despite being a seasoned speaker, I’m an introvert at heart. Bloom has an extremely supportive, engaged audience with eager hearts hungry for high-quality, down-to-earth and easily applicable expertise. It was by far my best talk on writing a book and launching it to the bestseller I’ve given in my career as a book strategist. I’ve been told it was the most engaging talk they’ve witnessed since Bloom’s conception. I largely “blame” the audience. Bloom’s audience is just impossible NOT to instantly fall head over heels in love with. All the hosts were extremely welcoming and outdid themselves and challenged me with thought-provoking, out-of-the box questions that made me ever so pleased I accepted the invitation. I’ll definitely be back!”

Renske Van kollenburg

It was my absolute pleasure to speak for Bloom in January 2021!

Coming from the fast-paced music industry I am now on a mission to end the stigma on mental health issues. I am very grateful for the invitation by Bloom to speak and to connect with them on this topic. The need for this networking during uncertain times is crucial with people’s mental health being challenged. It was a truly heartwarming experience. My compliments and gratefulness for the contribution by the wonderful team of Bloom on this important matter.

Keep doing your fantastic work!

Rory & Lilian Gowers

Thank you for your amazing work in the world, and we are grateful for your including us in your ‘garden of Bloom’

Harry Van Hest

In my 25+ years as a professional speaker, never before I encountered such a grateful audience!! They even showed their appreciation during my lecture!

It is one of the advantages of virtual sessions that participants can use the thumbs-up and applause symbols ‘during’ a keynote. Well, it was a real boost for me to see so many of them during my session!

So thank you wonderful BLOOM-audience for all your encouragement!

It was a pleasure and an honor to speak for you!

Jan Van Der Spoel

In December of 2020 I had the honor to be invited as an expert speaker for the Bloom, a community that strives to elevate each other in their professional and personal life through shared insights and wisdom.

Bloom feels like a warm, open, and trusted group of friends. I feel privileged to call myself part of Bloom.

S BharatKumar RTD.GM

I sincerely appreciate the efforts taken by BLOOM and Shri Premraj K with Shri Deepak Khemani to enhance the quality of life of the listening public in these hard Corona times. The thought provoking questions of Mr Premraj & Mr Khemani is a treat to answer to.

I wish you to continue such efforts for the welfare of the society at large.

Thanks and wish all the best for the future.

Laxmi Easwaran

Bloom: A group of heart-centred thought leaders with a mission to grow and evolve as a collective.. An open, diverse, supportive, inclusive, authentic and caring community. I have had the pleasure to meet and interact with the team who embraced me as part of their family—an incredible experience. I truly appreciate your dedication, your mission and am deeply honoured by this connection.

Dr. Anshumala Shukla Kulkarni

Bloom is a much needed platform in todays times when we are inhouse and in lockdown. We are fortunate to get a chance to hear so many experts in myriad of fields talk on their expertise, which helps us bloom!!! Fitness, management, health, literature, business, women’s rights, animal rights you name it and it’s on bloom. I was glad to be a part of the series on woman’s day and month and hope that it has sown the seeds of taking care of oneself as a woman. Our hosts were very warm and had pertinent questions that brought out the subject matter well. I congratulate Ms Payal, Dr Neeta and the entire Bloom team for this initiative and wish them all the best for their future endeavours.

Salil Datar

Bloom is a great initiative to connect the audience with high achievers and celebrities across the spectrum from sports, mental wellness, health, finance etc. I’m happy that Bloom has been able to use tools of modern communication such as Zoom, Facebook live etc to continue with its mission even during the current trying times.

Aarti Narang

Bloom is a dynamic team, truly focused on their intention to create transformations and results. Since the time, I have known Payal, I have seen her living the message of collaboration. She is the string that binds all the pearls together. The collaborative effort of all the Bloom members to bring the best courses and knowledge to the world is truly commendable.

Benaisha Kharas

Bloom has surely lived up to its name. To me, the platform and its members have been encouraging, positive and extremely kind, and supportive with all their engagements. From the time I was invited to be a speaker on the platform via a call to the time I was interviewed over zoom – it all has been a wonderful experience. It has been rightly said that a good interview is all about good questions. The questions that were asked to me by Mr. KV Premraj & Mr. Deepak Khemani were so well thought of and they truly brushed my better side to give answers that I had probably earlier have not even thought of. The entire interaction with all the members and the audience was truly a blooming experience 🙂 I am humbled to have been a part of this association. Thank you!

Dr. Arvind Kulkarni

“Bloom interaction was one of the very scant and extraordinary positive events in the middle of this horrid and disdainful covid times. Rising like a blooming flower, it shone as a perfect interface between captivating audience and privileged me with perfect role play by Payal Irani, Mr Premraj and Mr Deepak Khemani. The feature has a great future ahead in connecting people”

Amandeep Thind

I have been speaking and training for over 14 years in over 20 countries.I have always believed in empowering people for better. When Payal reached out to me for Bloom and explained about their Mission I immediately agreed for the session.

Bloom members are very warm and progressive and together make a great place for anyone who wants to grow in life.I had a great time serving them. Looking forward to connecting again.

Shrenik Shah

“I am humbled to deliver several hundred talks & given interviews globally, in-person & virtual during the last 8 years & conversing with a number of hosts, journalists, and celebrities.

My experience with you as a founder of Bloom Foundation was spectacular & commendable in terms of timely communication, and courtesy including posters & creatives which were well designed & precisely informative for the common person to join the session.

The social media posts were very well narrated too to attract audiences.

The co-founders & hosts, Mr. K V Premraj & Mr.Abhijeet are highly competent influencers & speakers. Both of them did establish quite a friendly & comfortable atmosphere throughout the session & which helped me in a big way to speak flawlessly.

My introduction by Mr.Premraj & questioning by Mr.Abhijeet did add momentum during the session. I was overwhelmed & fascinated by compliments from 3 competent attendees including a standing ovation.

Lastly, I am glad to be part of 1st hundred talks by Bloom Foundation & I wish these talks get multiplied year after year.

Thanks for inviting me to express my non-fiction journey of Life 2.0.

Best wishes”

Dr. Usha Roopnarain

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”

― Rumi

Bloom Talkshow has sparked a global conversation about the experiences that bring meaning to our lives— the talk show touches on experiences of courage, vulnerability, leadership, love,  and empathy. It’s almost like a mosaic of different global pieces- therefore it’s a must read.

This book redefines what it really means to be a leader. With a tapestry of  research, storytelling, and honesty, 12 authors tap into arising from situations of doom to gloom. The book demonstrates sacredness especially as authors write from a point of authenticity, clarity and courage. The 12 authors are leaders, change makers, trailblazers and change makers who put their ideas into writing.

Let’s follow in their journey…so that someday we can write about our own journey.

Sandra Stachowicz

Five-Times Bestselling Author, Book Coach

“Payal Irani is a two times international bestselling author and also one of the most caring, authentic and genuine people I have ever come across. She wears her heart on her sleeve. What you see is what you get. Payal co-authored a book with me and 9 other conscious female thought leaders and has proven  herself as an invaluable team member, going above and beyond and supporting her soul sisters on their authentic author adventure. She is extremely thoughtful, considerate and fiercely supportive. Her dedication to our multi-author book project is unwavering and I could not recommend her highly enough. She has not only demonstrated leadership but also leadership with a heart on her sleeve, leadership with a face and a smile that could light up the whole nation. Payal is an incurable philanthropist and deeply cares about her smaller and wider community, something that really comes across in every little interaction with her and everything she does for the world at large. You want to have Payal in your corner!”

Joel Fernandes

Representing McHugh Global Learning Systems, a corporate NLP training house.

Payal is an inspiring human being who is always working towards the service of others. She keeps her friends close, and loves to meet new people and find ways to help in the service of society. She is a good friend who has always shown commitment towards her work. She is dedicated, passionate and loves working with people from diverse backgrounds.

Brig Sushil Bhasin

Time Investment Strategist, TEDx Speaker, Trainer and an Author

I have known Payal Irani for over 2 years both on and off the stage. She is an authentic transformational speaker. Her speeches have an immediate impact that lead to transformation. She influences her audience by touching their hearts as she speaks from her heart. She is making a valuable contribution to society. She has tremendous potential and is on her way to greater achievements.

Ruchi Sethi

COO Speaker Institute India

I have heard Payal’s speech. Her listeners create a  deep connection with her instantly. I strongly recommend Payal Irani’s workshops; they are transformative and highly impactful. I Wish her huge success in her journey of making a difference to many globally.

Shashank Gupta

Director ISRA

Payal is a passionate trainer and takes deep interest in her work. She grasps concepts with intuition and is able to put them across effectively. With the help of the Psycho-Geometrics training, she now has a deep understanding of human behaviour using the science of shapes. She has developed her knowledge and skill with her hard-work and we are very excited to see her grow and lead workshops effectively. We wish her luck for her future endeavours!

Team Healthy Minds World

Payal has taken many sessions with us to raise awareness around women’s mental health and has also taught Psychogeometrics to the group of undergraduates and master’s students. She is empathetic, polite, knowledgeable, and exceptionally well at her work. It has been a great time working with Payal. We look forward to more sessions with her.

Raina Sequera

Raina Natasha Sequera, the founder of multiple businesses into Real Estate, Recruitments, IT and one of leading event management firms. I have extensive experience in working closely with clients to manage fundraisers, grand openings, corporate meetings, trade shows, product launches, galas, festivals, sales rallies, “meet-and-greet” gatherings for prospective new accounts and a host of other special events. Also her Excellence in Education, Training, Development, and Research industry is an entrepreneur, she is a Counselor, social worker, blogger , writer, who supports women empowerment and a Mentor for a few budding talents.she is passionate about Swimming, Dancing and Traveling.